Friday, May 22, 2009

Beef Heart

Beef heart is inexpensive and lean but it is seldom that you find this in the grocery store. Last week, when we went grocery shopping, I found packages of beef heart. I bought one to try. I remember that in the Philippines, when we slaughter our own pork or beef, all the parts are of value. Nothing is wasted. I know I have eaten beef heart before I just don't know what recipe was it.

I decided to make a sweet, sour and spicy beef heart. This recipe is somewhat and experiment. Luckily, it turn out so good.

If you want to see the recipe just visit Mouth's Delight.


ROSILIE said...

We love heart recipes.heheheheh! Mas gusto ko yung sa chicken for adobo. Di nga nagsasayang ang mga pinoy pag dating sa pagkain, lahat niluluto,no wonder may chicken feet and intestines na inihaw hhahahahhaha. ingat!

Nanaybelen said...

hi Lulu. medyo nagulat ako dahil ang laki naman na puso ito. Puso pala ng baka. yes. sa province din namin ay napakahalaga ang puso at atay.

Harry Seenthings said...

hhhmmmmm was read hunger right like a delicius ...thanks for share recipe...sister

Dhemz said...

woi mao! seldom ra jud ni makita..naa ni sa pinoy store..wala ko palit kay d man fresh...hehehe....gutom na nuon ko da....:)

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