Sunday, May 31, 2009

Antie Delia's 50th Birthday Bash

Yesterday we went to North Jersey where my cousin Auntie Delia lives. My visit in NJ was in time for her bday celebration.

The party was a great success. There were lots of Filipino visitors which she had befriended for over 25 years of living here in the USA. Friends come and go at the party. The food was overflowing. It was very festive.

They had roast pork. The birthday cake was ordered at the Filipino bakery and baked by a Filipino baker. It was awesome! There were plenty of food which I haven't had in a long time. The notable dishes that were there which of course are traditional Filipino dish were: diningding, humbang langka, and bamboo shoots (the first time ever that I have tasted that dish and was really really good). They also served a goat dish ( i just forgot the name.. ). There were also empanada, suman, biko, bibingka, and some other filipino delicacies that is not common in Bohol.

Gosh, I couldn't believe how much food was served during the party. There were grilled panga ng tuna, grilled pork belly, there were pork bbq in the stick, broiled salmon, buttered shrimp and of course a birthday party is not possible without pansit! Yes, there was pansit palabok too!

I don't think I could ever list all the food that was served. The good thing with all those mentioned food, visitors brought most of them. So basically, Ante Delia and Uncle Jimmy didn't cook it all.

The party was a great success! We had so much fun... It would have been wonderful if Dave was with us... he would definitely have a great time....


Lata said...

Hi dear,

greetings from Jakarta Indonesia :)

You are one of the most unique people I've ever known. You're an amazing friend and are just like my sis. I've truly never known anyone like you.

yen said...

extend my greetings to your aunt lulu, thanks for the visit

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