Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thanks Ya'll

It is my birthday today. Gosh I am OLD! I am thankful though that I reached this age. I am thankful that at my age, I am successful in my own way. I have a great family, we are in good health (Although, I just need more money! lol). I thank the Heavenly Father for all the blessings.

I wanna say thank you to everyone who remembers my birthday. Thanks ya'll for all your wishes, greetings and gifts...

Mom and Dan... thanks for the card and gift
Terri ... for the gift
Dad and Jan ... thanks for the card and gift
Lotlot Finch ... for the call to wish me a happy birthday... and of course she will host a party for me tomorrow
Jona... for the early bday message in friendster
My family at home, Mom, Frony, Lita, Jojo, Loloy and Bea for their text messages and friendster messages
My sister Menmen... for the call ( we stop sending cards because of the stamp's cost...joke)
My friendster friends.. for all your bday comments
Mommy Dhemz.. thanks for remembering... i love more opps (please no more

To everybody who make me feel loved and special this day, thank you so much.

Of course, to my wonderful husband, Dave... thanks for the card and thanks for waking up early so that we can have lunch together..

Thanks and I love you all!


amiable amy said...

oy happy birthday girl...buti nalang naka daan ako dito, ano plan natin today? musta na si cuty pie mo...enjoy your day and have a great celebration .... may you have all the love you deserve to have, good health and financial stability that you need Happy Birthday

Dhemz said...

wahahhaha...atot...anong please no more babies...lukarit ay...hahhaha!

why man ayaw na nimo ng babies Mommy Lu? hehehhe...kami been wanting to have a baby boy..sos murag gi ugtang naman siguro ko...hehehe! joker!

sos intawon...tiguwang ka dha...edad ray nabalhin woi...hehhehe...:)

next year na puhon akong bday gift mommy Lu...hehhehe...tagai lang ko ug address nimo para d nako malimtan ha...please...hehehe!

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