Sunday, April 12, 2009

Thanks Aunt Terri

It is Easter and Andrea has to have a dress for Easter. We skipped the "egg hunting" because we think she is too young for it. Next year, I bet she will enjoy it. We didn't buy her Easter candies because we don't allow her to eat candies yet. Her Nana gave her and Easter Cow ( hahah for a change... not Bunny). We bought her a new toy too.
Andrea is wearing an Easter dress which was sent by her Aunt Terri. Below is her picture all dressed up and ready to visit her Nana and Papa Dan. Thanks Aunt Terri for the lovely outfit.

Andrea is wearing a dress courtesy of Terri and her silver shoes courtesy of Tita Ging


benchiegrace said...

ang cute naman ni baby...very adorable little fellow...

Anonymous said...

hi there, i'm here again visiting your site and dropping ec..

Dhemz said...

woi kanindot sa dress ni Andrea...hehehhe...pretty ba kaayo ning imong dalaga Mommy Lu woi...lami kaayo kusion ang aping....hehhehe!

musta na? I miss yo chicka with you....hehhehe...nabanhaw ra jud ko....hhehehe!

Our easter weekend went great...will update my blog about it...maybe was yours? daghan ba eggs ni Andrea?

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