Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tax Deadline Today

It's tax deadline today and I swear I don't want to go to the post office today. Last year, I saw how busy the post office was. Endless lines of people trying to have their tax returns post stamped today. Luckily, I am not going to deal this ordeal because I have filed our taxes early February.

Way back in the Philippines, I am one of those that beats the clock in terms of filing the taxes. Although, most people in the Philippines doesn't file taxes, still there is a long line when paying taxes because it is done manually and most of the time there is only one person in-charge to it.

In the place where our little business was, filing taxes is such a pain in the butt because the BIR (Bureau of Internal Revenue) personnel is not there everyday due to the fact that she handles more than 1 municipality. Besides, when it is her day to report to the municipality, she still wont come on time. There was no definite time when she will be in her office. I am glad that here in the US you can do your taxes online. Less hassle, and very easy!

File your taxes today and check your local post office because some of them opens late to accomodate tax filers.


OLLIE MCKAY'S ~ A Chic Boutique said...

WooHoo! I just finished my taxes for my online boutique yesterday - hubby has been waiting patiently for me to get done so he can finish our joint returns - I hate Tax season! Not hard to do - just a pain in the behind!

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