Thursday, April 16, 2009

Task of the Day

We have been planning to open a new checking account and we have been putting it up for a while but today we decided to do it! We had an extra 1 hour today to do it, so we decided that if there is a long wait we will just get the paperwork. Luckily, there were no customer ahead of us and it didn't take long because we were already in the bank system. It didnt take us 10 minutes and we already have a new checking account. Yehey! I can now link it to my paypal account! The main reason why I wanted a new checking account is for my personal use with my paypal account.

Mission accomplish today!


Hi! I'm Grace said...

It always feels good to be able to accomplish something for the day... :)

Madz said...

In short sistah, no time had been wasted! Good job though..

Uy nagkatawa ko with hubby sa imong comment...hahahahaha, he remembers daw the coke depot sa Cogon (he loves Bohol bya jud)... bitaw, I can't really stop myself from getting bigger and bigger man uy....

Anyway, ingon akong bana nga palitan nlng kuno ko niya ug treadmill as Christmas gift pra mobalik daw ako lawas..hehehehe kana kon I really wanted to loose my baby fat!! oh dvaaaaa..

Tulog na ko sis, ugma na sad ha... thanks for dropping by... mwah mwah mwah God bless you always and family...

MaxiVelasco said...

that's good news! i also opened a Visa account for my paypal account. i applied online as it's a lot quicker here in sweden to do so. it was approved within just 10 minutes. really good to know that we have accomplished something!

great blog you have here!

maxi of and

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