Sunday, April 12, 2009

Salubong or Hugos

It is Easter. One of the most awaited day of my life as a kid. We always look forward to this day because of Salubong ( Hugos in our own dialect). My grandmother's sister Mommy Loling, is the one that organizes the salubong as long as I can remember. A traditional and religious old lady. For few Sundays before Easter we practice to sing the songs. If you are not a good soloist, you will belong to the group that sings in chorale. The chorale group are the angels. You see during this day we will be wearing costume like angels. And yes with wings. Of course, since I am not a good singer myself, I belong to Angels. As angel you will line up and sing " Mga bulak pangalimyon, kay nabuhi si Jesus" The song was like that... it has more verses of course... While singing the song we will be showering cut flowers. This was the fun part. During black Saturday we were so busy climbing the kalachuchi trees to pick up flowers and cut it. We will look for Ilang-ilang flowers since they smell so good. and we will pick up something like "hambubuena" anything that has good smell. We mixed them all and put in a little plastic bag and that is what we will bring during the salubong or hugos.

A fun memory that I always remember during this event was during Black Saturday Night we will be spending the night at Mommy Loling. All the participants of the salubong or hugos will spend the night at her house. Of course, kids our age are so excited to be sleeping with friends in a different house and yes we will have dinner together... and we will eat rice and egg! Eating rice and egg during those times was a treat!

Even when I became a grown up already, I still look forward to the salubong. It is a tradition. And by the way, salubong is usually around 4am!


Hi! I'm Grace said...

Yeah, I miss the "Salubong", too, Lulu. That was very fun!
Happy Easter!

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