Saturday, April 4, 2009

My Birthday Party Last Night

I had a bifthday party last night hosted by my good friend Lotlot. It was a good get together for all of us. We had a lot of food. Of course, since we are filipinos, pancit was present for "long life" tradition.

I was surprise that Lotlot bought a bday cake for me. It was very nice of her to do it. I appreciate all my friends who were there for the celebration of my birthday. Thanks everyone for coming and celebrating with me. And of course, thanks for the gifts.

I love all the gifts and cards that I got. What stands above them all is the little card that Jonathan, a 5 year old (Lotlot's son) made for me. It was so thoughtful of him to do that.

Anyway, thanks everyone! I had a wonderful birthday party.


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