Monday, April 6, 2009

Movie Weekend

As you all know, we (Dave and I) love to watch movies. Last weekend we decided to have a movie weekend. We rented 3 movies from Blockbuster. We don't rent movies at Blockbuster often lately because of the high fees ( I am cost-cutting). But last weekend we wanted to catch up on movies so we rented 3.

Here's my movie reviews:
1. Seven Pounds
I love it. It even made me cry at the end (yes, I cry watching movies... perhaps I was an actress in my former life hahaha). Will Smith's acting was very commendable. The story is very good unlike the last few movies of Will Smith that are weird. I recommend it for you guys to watch it.

2. Way of War
It sucks! The worst movie that I have seen this year. The movie seems like you keep on waiting when it gonna start. It is just a waste of money to rent this one. I was hoping it was good because it was a movie of Cuba Gooding but it was a disappointment.

3. Slumdog Millionnaire
Some movie scenes reminded me of the squatters in Manila. It was a good movie no wonder it was the best picture in the academy awards. The plot of the story is one of a kind so it is something different. We like it. Worth watching.


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