Thursday, April 16, 2009

Marley and Me

Everytime we go to rent movie at Blockbuster, Andrea got fascinated with the dvd display of Marley and Me. Dave's officemate bought the dvd and she let him borrow the dvd that way we can all watch it.

We watch the movie without the interruption of computer use. The computer was switched off and Andrea joined us in watching the movie. She talks ( incoherently) whenever she sees the dog. This is the first movie that Andrea really watches (excluding her dvd magiq). Although, she didn't watch it the whole time, she stayed up almost the whole movie and she was enjoying it.

I did enjoy the movie. It is sad in some parts which naturally made me cry. I like the way, they show the hardships and adjustments the couple has to do when they have a baby. And I applauded the way they focus on how a woman with good career gives up everything she worked for inorder to concentrate on taking care of the kids. I know it is such a big decision, the ups and downs of parenthood - the movie shows common day to day living of a mother and how hard it is.

It is a good movie. Worth watching and worth crying!


Chris said...

thanks for this. i think ill look for this movie and watch it! :D

Luv a Bargain! said...

We just watched Marley and Me this weekend and, oh my, did I cry. mean almost couldn't catch my breath cry. Then I hugged my dog!!

Ray said...

Will try to watch this movie too! Thanks for the heads up!

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