Monday, April 20, 2009

I've Loved You So Long

Ever since I have seen the trailer of this movie, I have been dying to watch it. When we went to Blockbuster to rent it for a couple of times, it was always out. They only have one copy of it. It is a foreign film, so there won't be many copies.

When, we checked the red box - you know the vending machine where you can rent movies, I was surprised that I've Loved You So Long was available. I gladly rented it.

The movie was kinda slow - it seems like you keep on waiting and waiting. It was not bad though. The movie shows, "a mother's love has no boundaries". I like the way they show the "sister relationship". It is worth watching - even IMDB gave it a 7.4 rating. My favorite line "The worst prison is losing your child, you can never get out of it"


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