Friday, April 10, 2009

Golden Anniversary

My Mom and Dad will be celebrating their golden wedding anniversary in 2 years. All of us their children ( we are 9 by the way) planned to be together during this very momentous event of our family life. All of us has a family of our own or has a career that includes working away from our parents but hopefully, when this day comes we can all be together.

Since it will be 50 years of being married and staying together, I think they deserve something special. I want to give them tungsten rings as their renewal of vows wedding band. I wanted this kind of ring because it is scratch proof. Knowing my Mom and Dad, they will always do something without minding their rings. A scratch proof ring will be perfect for My mom and Dad.

I am very close to my Mom and Dad. When, I got engaged few years ago they were so excited to see my engagement ring. Engagement is not very common in our place so they were all curious what does an engagement ring looks like. I explained to them that there are different types of engagement rings. The most popular is the titanium engagement rings. They never heard of titanium. I continued explaining to them that there is also a titanium necklace. I basically told them that jewelries can be titanium and not just gold.

Anyway, we are all looking forward to Mom and Dad's golden wedding anniversary. Hopefully, by the Grace of the Lord, we will be able to celebrate it.


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