Monday, April 6, 2009

Footvalley Game

I never heard of a footvolley until today. I researched the internet to know more about this game. I found out that footvalley was born at the world famous Copacobana Beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The game began as a training ground for soccer athletes by juggling the ball over soccer goals on the beach. Then, according to some legend, one day a player decided to put a volleyball net and just like that footvalley was born.

What make me interested about footvolley is the new game launched by Pepsi. The new Footvolley Flash Game launched by Pepsi is very interesting and fun to play. There is a leaderboard that will encourage any player to be competitive and beat the ones in the leaderboard. The exciting thing about this new flash game is you can play as one of your favorite world class players like Fabregas, or Henry, or Kaka, or somebody else.

Have fun and enjoy. Play footvolley online.


Carlos said...

sweet game! I dont normally like to play online games, but this one is super cool. You guys should totally give it a try.

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