Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Dining @ Felix's Fish Camp

When we went to Mobile, I wanted to eat seafood of course! Years ago, Dave went to Ed's Seafood but we don't know where is the Ed's Seafood now that is why we opted to just ate at Felix's Fish Camp.

The place is big and crowded. We were told that there was a 45minute wait. We didn't mind because the other places has long wait also. Our number were called in less than 45 minutes. The place has a beautiful view of the ocean. We ordered calamari for our appetizer but I was not impressed with it. I told them, I can even cook a better calamari. For our main course, I ordered their batty which includes a garden salad, fish fillet, fried shrimp, fried oyster, brown rice, fried soft-shelled crabs and fried green tomatoes. The best that they have is the soft shelled crabs. I never thought that you can fried them and they are still clustered. I didn't like their fried green tomatoes. The rest of the food is really delicious and of course since that was a big order we had our to go boxes.

Andrea ordering her favorite "French Fries"

Taken @ Felix Fish Camp with Ben, Mischa, Dave, Andrea and ME


Dhemz said...

halo Mommy Lu? musta naman ka woi..miss na nato ang atong chicka minute ever...hehehe...:) musta man inyo vacay?

woi ka cute ni andre...murag taas lagi na sya Mommy Lu no? sexy ba kaayo sa mag ina woi....hehehhe!

salamat tuod sa imong mga comments and visitas ha....:)

wala ko ka bloghop last night kay am not in the alive na alive nako...hehehhe!

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