Monday, April 13, 2009

Bad Weather

Our normal schedule is to stay up late, sleep late and wake up late. If you noticed my blog entries I usually bn orlog at an odd hours. Last night the weather got so bad. It was raining hard and the winds was so heavy. Whenever we open our front door we can hear the sound of the wind. The wind feels like it is uprooting all the trees outside.

We lost electricity after few hours, so we have to use candles. For the first time, we used our weather radio in order to keep track of the weather. We wanted to be updated if there is tornado warning. Thankfully there is no tornado in our area, just winds.

We decided not to stay in our living room for precautions because our living room is near a big pine tree. We stayed in our bedroom and I was trying to stay awake because we have candles burning. Anyway, we didn't have electricity until around past 8am this morning.


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