Saturday, April 25, 2009

2nd Night @ Mobile, AL

It is our second night here and we are staying at Hampton Inn, Mobile. We always love to stay in Hampton because their accomodation is always better. Even if they don't have refrigerator and microwave in their room, we still like it better because the room is spacious and they always have very nice bathrooms.

We have been busy today. We were able to visit Uncle Wayne and Aunt Sara. After our visit, we picked up Mischa, then we went to the beach. Andrea just had a blast. We will be back to the beach tomorrow.

We had dinner at Felix's Fish Camp together with Mischa and her boyfriend Ben. After dinner, we went back to the hotel and spend some time together before we decided to end the night and see each other again tomorrow.

We had a great day today and we are all tired ( yet, here I am blogging!). More updates tomorrow!


Umma said...

Hello Lulu, I got your site from Dhemz.. this is my first time visiting here.. Nice posts and great pictures..

I will be dropping more often. Have a great day ahead.

Sandy said...

You like the room better...better than what? Curious. I've heard Hamptom's are good in some locations but not in others. Only stayed in one years ago, down south I think; and it wasn't a place to return to. A friend who travels alot in Vermont and New Hampshire has had real good luck with Hamptom's

welcome mats always out, look forward to your visit.
leaving you my url, as you're settings don't allow for name and url beyond the generic google.

ApRiL said...

sounds great and you were having fun.. have a nice visit and trip lulu...


Meryl (proud pinay) said...

hi sis, glad you had a great time.thanks for sharing.ingat palage and God bless...

Dhemz said...

Mommy Lu kumusta naman ka diha? sos vacation galore diay mo? ehhehe...pasalubong dayon ha...joke! hehhehe...:)

salamat sa paglabay fun mo diha...:) photos dayon ha...hehehe!

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