Thursday, March 12, 2009

Up Words

Up Words is a word game (obviously!). It is somewhat similar to scrabble. The difference is the board and its letters. The board is plain and the letters does not have a score on different tiles. Another difference with the scrabble is that, in up words letters can be stacked on top of other words to create new words. The higher the stack of letters, the more points are scored. This often makes words built in later turns of the game more valuable than earlier words, increasing play intensity.

The words may be formed horizontally or vertically on the grid, as in Scrabble, but as the title suggests the letters may also be stacked, so that words can be changed by having letters substituted by stacking (up to a limit of 5 high).

I always enjoy playing word games. Dave and I has played this game and we had fun. I think up words is not as popular as scrabble but in my own opinion, i think this game is very challenging.

For more info about up words you can visit: Wikipedia and BoardGameGeek.


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