Monday, March 9, 2009

Thanks to my good friend Lotlot

Yesterday, Lotlot went to Buford Georgia to do her usual grocery shopping for some filipino foods. She invited me to go with her but I can't since it will be a long trip and If I will bring Andrea, I don't think Andrea would appreciate the long travel.

I just asked Lotlot to buy some things for me. It was very nice of her to call me a few times just to make sure that I will like what she is getting for me.

Anyway, she bought me 4 packages of clean squid which is ideal for calamares. She also bought me 24 pieces of big clams. I couldn't believe how cheap those were at Buford Market in Georgia. How I wish it is just near us, I would be very happy to buy cheap yet fresh fish and seashells and eat it everyday!

Thank you very much Lot, I always appreciate all the big and little things that you do for me!


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