Thursday, March 26, 2009


I always thought that singkamas is called turnips. As far as I know, that is what we called singkamas. Anyway, another name for singkamas is Jicama.

I never knew the word Jicama until few days ago, when I bought a piece of singkamas in Walmart. The word Jicama was in the singkamas and on the ticket when we paid our groceries, it showed there the jicama. That prompted me to look online and found out that singkamas is also called jicama.

I remember when I used to live in Manila that during Lenten season we always do our pilgrimage at the Grotto of our Lady of Lourdes in Bulacan. On the way to the grotto, you will never miss those sidewalk vendors selling a large clump of singkamas at a very affordable price. They are a lot fresher and juicier compared to the one's that are sold in the grocery stores.

During summer season too, you can always find singkamas in the sidewalk, sold by the side walk vendors or sold in those rolling carts. I can still picture it in my mind.... slice of singkamas in a barbeque stick, soaked in a large jar of water, and a jar of bagoong on the side or a jar of salt. I never liked bagoong on my singkamas.

I have my own version of singkamas that I love to eat. I just peel and slice the singkamas and marinade it with a mixture of vinegar, salt, and sugar. Refrigerate for a couple of hours and yummy! I indulge myself with as much as I can handle... it is so yummy that you can taste the vinegar and salt and singkamas together.


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