Thursday, March 26, 2009

Meeting Jack and Ate Fe

I have known Ate Fe through WOF (World of Filipinas Forum). We have known each other thru the net since before both of us moved here in the USA. We have very close schedule of Embassy interview ( I think just 1 week apart). We didn't have a chance to meet each other in person in the Philippines but still we kept in touch through WOF, chats, emails and even friendster.

Jack and Ate Fe are presently residing in Florida. Right now, they are doing a trip and decided to stop by here for two days in Alabama before they go to Memphis then to Branson then to Nebraska. So finally, tonight, we meet each other. It is so great to see them both in person.

They brought us some pasalubong... Andrea got a new fairy angel and Nemo from them and Dave and Myself got a Florida mug. Yeheyyy!

Anyway, Thanks guys! It is so nice to meet you at last! Have a safe drive! Take care!


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