Saturday, March 21, 2009


I was doing our laundry today when I remember the old times. I grew up in a small town where laundry is to be done by hands in a man made well or a spring. I remember bringing a full load of laundry in a basin and pail and of course a bar of laundry soap.

Sometimes, we even have to go to the well or spring early to avoid the crowd who does their laundry too. Usually Saturday is a washing day because no school.
During summer when the well dries up, we wash our clothes in the river. The river is few kilometers from our home. Doing the laundry is somewhat a fun thing since it will be like a picnic for us. We will be bringing loads of dirty clothes, a lot of food. We usually leave in the morning and come home in the afternoon. We wash the clothes and let it dry also that way it won't be heavy to bring home. While waiting for the clothes to dry, we swim and play in the water. Sometimes, we look for crabs and "suso" (a type of snail).

I admit few years ago, we owned a washing machine already. But then the washing machine that we have is not fully automatic so doing laundry is still hardwork.

Now, I am enjoying the comfort of an automatic washer and dryer. I can now do laundry without getting my hands wet!


Dhemz said...

hahhaha...I remember those days too Mommy Lu...dpa uso ang washing machine...hehhe..bisan gani karon..some people are still doing that...we're just fortunate enough....:)

woi salamat tuod sa imong comment...hehhehe...woi basin moabot rato imo package from IZEA..did you add address on your account? I mean sa SS ug PPP? woi pwede hulama si Andrea uy...hehhe..silingan unta ta...para sya tubos sa sinena ni Akesha...hehehe!

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