Tuesday, March 24, 2009


We have been thinking of petitioning Mom and Dad to join us here in the USA. Mom really love the idea but Dad is very hesitant. I know that at their age, moving is a big decision. This is not just moving for a few miles but it is like moving accross the world. We encourage Dad to move here just for a couple of months so that he can experience what life is in the other side of the world. Hopefully, by the time my sister will be able to do so, Dad will be convinced by then.

Anyway, the mother of my friend Lisa, is already here in Alabama. She petitioned her and got approved. Her Mom has been here for a couple of months. At first, Lisa's Mom was really having a great time. Enjoying things she has not experienced in the Philippines. After few months though, she experienced the feeling of homesickness. She longed for the things she used to do. She have a hard time adjusting to the weather and started to miss a lot of ordinary foods that you can commonly find in the Philippines.

Upon learning about what Lisa's Mom is going through, I encouraged Lisa to introduce her Mom to chatting. Chatting will make the time pass by. This will make her occupied while Lisa is at work. I told her to encourage her mom to join Senior Chat Room. In this room she can meet people close to her age and perhaps she can meet somebody that shares the same things and the same passion with her. Hopefully, this can help her Mom cope up the new changes in her life and her homesickness.


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