Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Health Insurance

Health Insurance is very essential. It helps to ensure that you and your family is protected against the financial hardships that may result from healtcare expenses. Without insurance, you may not be able to afford medical care when you need it the most. I think that people with health insurance are more likely to go to the hospital before their condition worsens and become more expensive to treat.

I am a believer of health insurance. I have a personal experience why it is essential to have a health insurance. When I gave birth to my baby girl, she was born premature and due to some health issues, she has to stay in NICU for almost 2 months. In my mind, I saw the bills coming yet, I was not prepared for the amount the hospital and health professionals charged us. When I received the bill I was in total shock. I couldn't believe that bill was hundreds of thousands. Thankfully, the big chunk of that bill was shouldered by the health insurance company. If not for the health insurance, I wouldn't know where will we get the money to pay for it.

If you don't have a health coverage now, don't wait for tomorrow get a kaiser health insurance today. The kaiser permanente denver rate quotes are easily accessible online. You can find information about rates and plans in minutes. And when you become a member, you will have an access to online services where you can email doctors, get information and refill prescription in minutes.

A good friend of mine is a satisfied policyholder of kaiser permanente northern California. What she like the most about this company is they have variety of types of health coverage for individuals and family. Regardless of your pre-existing condition, this health insurance company will give you a free quote of the best plan that will fit your lifestyle and financial needs.


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