Monday, March 23, 2009

Easter Giveaways

It is some sort of tradition for us to give candies during Easter. Usually, every year we will have Filipino get together. During which, we will organize egg hunting, egg painting and even games. As a common thing, kids has his/her own easter basket. We always buy Bulk Candy and share the candies to the kids. For the last two years, kids would line up and we adults will gave candies to all of them.

Whenever we buy for candies, we look for the mini sizes. Mars Candy has a a package of assorted mini chocolates. The biggest pack is approximately 300pcs. I always like buying assorted packages so that there will be a lot of varieties to choose from.

I never liked Licorice Candy but most of the kids loves it, that is why we never forget to buy a few of them. Lately though, I learned to love the Raspberry Licorice coated with dark chocolate.

I can't wait for Easter. This will be Andrea's first Easter.


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