Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Biometrics, where are you?

It has been weeks now that I received the letter from Vermont Service Center saying that they got my application for my Removal of Conditions.

Up until now, I am still waiting for the biometrics letter. We have been checking the mailbox everyday but still there is no mail.

I am so anxious for my biometrics appointment. In fact, I am so anxious for my removal of conditions to be over. It has been very costly to maintain being a LEGAL permanent resident here. I wish the service centers will process the papers fast since their payment is very expensive. Sana naman sulitin nila yong binabayan natin!

When they increased their fees 2 years ago, their reason was inorder to have a speedy processing, they need more people so we need to pay more... but hey where is the fast processing that they promise... tsk tsk tsk... just venting guys............


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