Saturday, March 21, 2009

5 dollar foot long

I couldn't stop singing "5 dollar foot long". The subway commercial song keeps on playing on my head. We had subway for lunch today that is why i kept on singging the 5 dollar footlong.

We let Andrea try black olives, as Dave and I both like black olives on our sub. Well, Andrea didn't like it! There's only few that Andrea doesn't like... so far, she doesn't like black olives and catsup.

Eating is not one of Andrea's problem. She can eat! Hmmm i guess she get it from me... lol ... no diet for all of us!


joker said...

I like the Subway $5 footlongs. My faves are the meatball marinara and the oven roasted chicken breast. The italian herbs and cheese bread is the best!

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