Sunday, February 15, 2009

Religious Chatting

I was raised as a Catholic. Both my parents and their folks are all Catholics. Actually, 80% of the population in the Philippines are Roman Catholic so it is not surprising that all my folks are Catholic.

When I got here in USA, I was so surprised that there are so many religious denominations. Churches with different religions are even close to each other. For me that is so surprising because in the Philippines there is less than what we have here.

According to Statistics, Christian is the largest religious group in the USA. Christians can be subdivided into numerous sects also.

I admit, I find less people in the USA that are Roman Catholic. Somehow disappointing in my part. I am glad that i found Catholic Chat City . This is a FREE Catholic Chatroom where plenty of Catholics users all over the world come together to talk and have fun. Through chatting in Catholic Chat City I am able to keep in touch and talk with people that I share the same views religion wise.


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