Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I received an email yesterday that said... Federal Tax Return is Accepted by IRS. I e-filed both our federal and state tax returns.

I remember that last time that I e-filed our tax return, it always takes longer for State Tax Return than in Federal so obviously, I am still awaiting for the State Return to be Accepted.

I know when I filed our taxes I did it right but somehow, I could not stop worrying that perhaps I did something wrong since there is still no email informing me about the status of our state tax return.

Anyway and finally early this morning, I received the most awaited email that says ... Alabama Has Accepted your State Return.

Wheeewww I am finally done with our 2008 Tax Returns. All I just need to do is wait for our refunds, print copies for file and copies that I will use for my immigration papers.


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