Monday, February 16, 2009

Cheesecake Anyone???

My new addiction... cheesecake! This pack comes in 4 different yummy flavor. Mocca, strawberry, chocolate and the regular cheesecake. I just love this! Here goes another reason why diet don't work for me!

Well, why not enjoy the good things in life... hahah what an excuse! Anyway, thanks to Mom and Dan ... they are the ones that supplied me with cheesecake... so if I gain a lot of weight it is their fault! or better yet... it is the cheesecake's fault!

On the brighter side, diet is not my new year's resolution so I don't feel bad!


Bea said...

hahahaha justifying our self is always an excuse... why diet if david would'nt turn u down just because u are incresing your size go on sis... kaya mo yan.

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