Monday, February 23, 2009

Calling Home

The most difficult adjustment for an immigrant like me when moving to a foreign land is being homesick. Getting homesick is very common and is a normal occurence especially if it is the first time that you have been away from your family. I had my share of homesickness when I was new here but I have overcame it through phonecalls.

I admit international long distance call is expensive. By using Prepaid Phone Card I am able to talk to my family without fear of how much my telephone bill will be. With the use of Phone Cards I can easily call my family in the Philippines anytime I want to check on them. When I feel homesick, I just grab my phone and give them a ring.

Calling Cards really comes very handy for me. Wherever I am, I could be at friends house or at the mall, I always have access to calling home in case there is an emergency. The most important thing, I can call home without fear of overspending!


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