Sunday, February 15, 2009

Birthday Party Planning

As a kid, I grew up looking forward to birthday celebrations not because we received gifts during this day but because we always have a good dinner. We usually have chicken for dinner basically because, we grew chickens in our backyard and we just dressed the chicken at no cost. Having chicken for dinner is already a big treat for us. Sometimes if there was extra money we will also be treated half a glass of cola. That seldom happens though.

When, I saw our well to do neighbors celebrating their birthdays, I couldn't help but fantasize a good birthday party for myself when I can afford one. I always thought of having a big party with a roast pig, a custom-made cake, a lot of softdrinks and a lot of fresh fruits. I even imagined it to be in our own front yard under a tent decorated with balloons and a birthday streamer. I would invite all my friends and neighbors. I was envisioning it to be one of a kind party. That was my dream birthday party! My dream was materialized few years ago before I moved her in the USA.

Having Andrea in my life, I always wanted to give her the best birthday party. What parent wouldn't dream of giving the best for her child? Party planning is exhausting because you have to make sure that every little thing is taken cared of. My friend suggested to me to hire professionals to help plan kids birthday party. She had done it once and her birthday party was a lot better and less stress on her part. They have experts that helped her to have a fabulous birthday party the easy way. On Andrea's birthday I am giving them a shot!


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