Monday, January 26, 2009


During our vacation we decided to stay at our family home most of the time. Since our vacation is short, we wanted to spend as much time as we can with the family. Besides, staying at our family home is practical and it will save us too.

Before our flight going back here in the States, we decided to stay at Dao Diamond Hotel in Bohol ( for a night. We were impressed with their service. For $20/night it was really good. We got a room for ourselves and we also got a room for my mom and dad. They have a good breakfast which is free. We highly recommend this place for a budgeted stay.

Miravilla Restaurant. We always love this place. Everytime Dave visits me we always eat at Miravilla's. They have fresh seafoods. They have the best Ice tea and green mango shake. We brought some of my family to eat during our last night in Bohol. Everybody enjoyed it. The food was very good although it is somewhat pricey but it is WORTH it. I was somewhat disappointed though that the white bench that we had our picture taken during Dave's last two visits were no longer there. It had a sentimental value for me. I wished we could have our picture taken there. This place is highly recommended.

Carlston Hotel, Pasay City. When we got to Manila, I told the taxi driver that I want to stay in Kabayan Hotel but I don't have a reservation. He suggested for us to stay in Airport Hotel. All the while I thought that the hotel was the one near the airpot. Sadly, we ended up in Carlston Hotel in Airport Road. We were disappointed with it. The place is not well kept. The area is not very good. We decided to check out after our lunch and loss our whole night payment. We believe that we are better off losing the money we paid on the hotel than not be safe. Not recommended.

Heritage Hotel, Manila. Very nice. Near the airport and mall. Place is well kept and it has a casino in the 2nd floor. The room is awesome (for a standard accomodation). Somewhat pricey but worth it. Highly recommended.

Sbarro Italian Pizza. Dave likes their pizza. It is somewhat different. Personally it was so-so for me. For a filipino taste I wouldn't recommend it.

Pizza Hut, Tagbilaran City, Bohol. I love it! Their pizza is sooo good. Very different to Pizza Hut in the USA. Service was so great! All their value meals are GREAT! I highly recommend this especially if you miss american food while staying in Bohol.

Aristocrat, Malate, Manila. Their food is great. The sizzling sisig was great! Ice tea is different - we dont like it. Of course there famous bbq pork and chicken is incomparable. Recommended.


Hi! I'm Grace said...

I enjoyed reading your reviews, Lulu. Haay, sana maka-uwi din kami sa Pinas this year lang... :)
Miss na miss ko na pagkain natin eh.

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