Tuesday, January 6, 2009


"Rain, rain go away come again another day"

It has been raining since last night. When it rains, I don't wanna get out! I hate my feet getting wet in the rain.... and shoes gets dirty!

Rainy season is not my favorite when I was in the Philippines. While I was in the Philippines, I worked most days, rain or shine. Not having your own means of transportation, which is the common thing in the Philippines, you will surely get wet on the way to work even if you have your umbrella. Besides, when it rains, I am always lazy to get up. I love to just snuggle in bed with book in the hand and stay inside the room forever.

When I lived in Manila for a couple of years, I had my share of floods when it rains. I remember how our rented house will be flooded. Sometimes the water is up above your knees, sometime higher. Good thing was we have a second floor in the house so we still stayed warm. The worst when it floods is the cleaning up since the house will be so smelly. We have to wash it with powdered soap and chlorine and then dry it up with a mop. It was so much work but it was kind of fun because all our neighbors are doing the same thing. The biggest problem when it floods, we couldn't eat because our kitchen was in the first floor.

When I moved back to Bohol and worked in our own internet cafe, my problem when it rains is the muddy path way from my sister's house (where I lived) to the main road. We don't have a concrete pathway, so the more people go back and forth, the muddier the pathway gets. One of the things I am not good at is walking in the rain. I couldn't master walking without getting dirty at the back of my legs where the back of the slipper flaps. Even if I wear shoes their is still a lot of muddy splash at my back.

The best memory I can recall when it rains, was the fun we usually have showering in the rain. We usually run around and play in the rain until our parents would say enough because we have stayed in the rain for so long. When we are all dried up, we usually get a good nap, tired from all the running and playing. Mom or dad will always make a rice porridge to warm us up. These are simple pleasures that gives me a smile remembering.

Still raining up till now, I have to lay down and sleep and enjoy the sound of rain outside.


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