Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Andrea is ONE year old Today!

Today is Andrea's Birthday! My little girl has grown so fast! Sometimes, I couldn't imagine that it has been a year already since we have her. I haven't been busier my whole life having to chase Andrea all the time. Sometimes, she is just so full of energy that I sometimes wish she would just sleep or stay put in one place, which of course is impossible. Andrea has so much energy that it depletes mine! She fights sleep until she will literally fall and fell asleep. I couldn't complain though, she is a happy baby and she brings so much joy to all of us!
Anyway, we will be having her little birthday celebration at Lotlot's. Our place is just too small for all our friends who will be coming over.

Last night, we were busy preparing for her little party. Thanks to Lotlot for being always so nice to accomodate us and of course for her cooking expertise. Thanks to Ging for helping out last night and even picking me and Andrea with a big umbrella since it was raining.

More on her birthday tonight... after the party...


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