Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Vapor Bath

As I mentioned in the past blog, during our last visit with Andrea's pediatrician, she recommended for Andrea to have a Vapor Bath.

I was surprised myself about the vapor bath. I couldn't believe how good it works. When we first gave Andrea the vapor bath, I couldn't believe the vapor smell. It was so good! The smell was so enticing that the night after we gave Andrea a vapor bath, I pamper myself with a long vapor bath.

The vapor bath really works wonders on our cloggy noses. It is very relaxing that I know for sure that I will never be out of vapor bath again.

Andrea really enjoyed the bath. She was splashing all over and of course made us wet too and so is the bathroom floor. We were so glad that Andrea loves it because it will be good for her coughing too.

For all of you who might want to try the vapor bath, just look at the baby aisle in the store for the vapor bath, I bought Johnson & Johnson Vapor bath. Baby Magic also has a vapor bath.


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