Monday, November 3, 2008

Mom's Eye Surgery

Mom will have laser eye surgery today (Philippines time). She had her other eye operated more than a year ago and it was very successful.

We wanted her to have her other eye operated few weeks after the first one but Mom doesn't want it to be done so soon. She feared that the operation wouldn't be successful, she said if it will not do her good at least she will still have one eye. Anyway, things were great and when Mom started to feel that her other eye bothers her she then decided to have it operated.

She was suppose to have it operated earlier but she didn't have medical clearance yet because she had high blood pressure, but now that the doctor gave her clearance... all is set to have her surgery today.

The surgery is expensive, thanks to Menmen and Roger for their financial help. I can't wait to call Mom and ask about how the surgery goes.


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