Sunday, October 12, 2008

Our Weekend

Our weekend has been really wonderful. Andrea was in her best of moods. Yesterday, we visited her Nana and Papa Dan. She was so awesome there. She played. She didn't cry with Nana. She ate banana (hahah she loves eating). We had a wonderful visit.

On the way home from our visit to Mom's, we stopped by at Walmart. Andrea was asleep then. We bought Pretty Woman DVD... wheeewww it is still in the $13 rack. We were hoping it will be in the $5 rack since it is an old movie. Dave and I were saying, Oh too bad for Andrea it is shopping time and she is asleep still in her stroller. After a little bit of walking in Walmart Andrea woke up and still in good mood....we were like yeheyyy!

We then went home and got Andrea's milk and juice. We will be going to Lotlot's. We stayed there to have fun, play games and eat. And surprisingly, Andrea let Lotlot held her without crying. Andrea enjoyed eating the filipino food and she enjoyed playing with Alex.

Dave came over too after few hours and took care of Andrea while I was playing. For tonight, no wine for me, last week we had wine and oh gosh! it was so hot that I had headache when we went home. So for now, no more wine for me.

It has been a great weekend. Andrea is being "friendly" to everybody and she now learns to wave bye bye.


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