Thursday, October 9, 2008

Joy (my niece) is really sick

For a couple of months now, Joy has been in and out of the hospital. She had gall bladder surgery few months ago that went well. But the problem now is her kidney is not functioning good.

I know joy is in so much pain but everytime I call her she seems to be in good spirits. But lately, she seem to be giving up. She even told her mom and dad to be used to the idea of just being them and without her in their lives. She called my sister Lita and told her that she misses the kids back home (her cousins) and told her that she wants to go home now (They are in Manila for her series of treatments).

Few days ago, the doctor advised them for Joy to undergo dialysis. We all feel sad. I know how hard it is for her, for her parents and for all of us. When I call her mom, she keeps on crying and of course I couldn't help but feel her pain too. I know how she feels because I am a mother too. I know how much they struggled just to go on with their daily living with all the expenses for Joy's treatment. All our family has been very supportive financially and emotionally but the pain that my sister feels is beyond discription and we understand it since Joy is an only child.

The last update that I got today, Joy is undergoing her second dialysis. She says she is still on pain.

What really breaks my heart, is the way Joy says... please ask them for financial help, this will be the last, if the dialysis wont work I am ready to give up. I know she is still too young to die, she is just 23 years old.

We all join in prayers for her recovery but if it is her time, we pray that she won't suffer very long. We all know she has suffered enough.

Joy we all love you. Be strong.


Carolyn said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your niece. I know how are it is. My dad was a dialysis patient too for 10 years. He died 2005 and we still have debts. It was very hard financially and emotionally.

I will pray for your niece. I understand what you feel and the rest of the family. We been through that too.

I'll pray for her.

Lulu said...

Thanks for the prayers.

Cacai M. said...

woi, naunsa namn ni imo niece? ako uncle pod currently battling his prostate cancer and bedridden in the hospital, my his sister is now in heaven of cancer too.. haay cancer bahhh.. so kamusta nmn ni xa Mareng?

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