Friday, October 3, 2008

Clothes, Shoes and Purses

Imelda Marcos owns more than thousand pair of shoes. I don't. My friends don't either but for sure we all had more pairs than the average person.

Filipino is always associated with shoes I think because of Imelda Marcos. Personally, I own a few number of shoes because I just love it. I like to wear different shoes depending on what style of clothes I am wearing.

Purses also is a trademark for Filipinos. We all love to accessorize, that is why we have different purses for different occassions and for different outfits.

I am no different. I love clothes, shoes and purses. Gaining weight after being here in the USA for almost 2 years made me change my clothes preferences. Gone were the days of size 0's and 1's. After having Andrea, my purses preference had change also... no more small and handy purses instead I have to use bigger ones because my purses now are multi-use. I use my purse as diaper bag too so I have to have a bigger purse. With shoes, I still use the stylish ones.

Oh by the way, I bought two shoes online and it arrived today! Shhhh I am still waiting for another one.... lol


Anonymous said...

I am the next Imelda in the making, maybe I need to eat more rice before I'll get to where she is right now. Hmm at least I have the potential. what do you think?

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