Monday, September 22, 2008

In Memory of Bert and Buddy

Bert and Buddy were Mom Lori's dogs. They are both basset hounds. As far as I know, those dogs were with Mom for so many years. She said that those dogs were with her during the trying times of her life and they were her source of joy and companionship.

The first time that I saw those dogs, a year ago, my first statement was... "Oh my gosh they are bigger than me!"

I admit, those dogs were spoiled.

Bert passed away few months ago. We never expected Buddy to live longer because we all know that he will miss Bert so much. After Bert passed away Mom and Dan adopted two more dogs Bosley and Buffy. I thought, Buddy was already settled in with the two new dogs. I was just so surprise when we woke up today to know that Buddy also passed away.

Mom Lori, we all know how awful you feel about the Bert and Buddy. On Buddy's case I think you should be glad that you didn't see him suffer. I know they are a part of the family and we are sorry for the loss.

Bert and Buddy will always be remembered.


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