Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Was it worth?

It was a cold and windy day yesterday. We had to get up early to vote. It was the first time that I voted. I was surprise at the long lines. There were many people who lined up just to be able to vote. Even my daughter commented that the line is long and it will be night time before we will be out of it.

Yep, it was really cold the guy in front of us told us he should have worn a jacket.

This was just half of the line outside.  There was also a long line inside.

I voted and proud of it.  The line was still long...

There was a large turn out yesterday at our voting center.  It was a good sign.  But was it worth the trouble lining up?  It was eventhough the result is not what I wanted!  I am a proud citizen of the USA and I exercised my right!

My share for BPC.


Chie said...

Good for you sis Lu, i think i know who you voted for...hehe.

Leah H. said...

That is what every citizen should do, go out and vote! You did a great job! :)

Shydub said...

who did you voted for mamilu? sge lng cold and windy still smiling mn gihapon hehehe.

Chubskulit Rose said...

Well, at least you're one of those who knew who to vote hehehe..

Dhemz said...

exercise na jud nimo ang imong rights sa pagka citizen mami....great job!

Rcel said...

yes mami, it was so worth it! after all, you were free to do it and you're lucky to have that right! :)

bpc hop! thanks for joining!

emzkie said...

its worth it mommy Lulu. every vote counts dyud. congrats again! hope i can exercised my right soon too, that is kung naa gihapon election. hehe.. basig mag martial law ba. toink! lol

from BPC!

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