Tuesday, November 17, 2009

TCP: Presidents and First Families

In today's episode of Tuesday Couch Potatoes, we will be featuring our favorite movies of Presidents and First Families. This is an easy one for me because one of my favorite movies is about Presidents. I had a good laugh watching this movie. So... my entry for this week is My Fellow Americans.... This is a very funny movie....

In this comedy, Russell P. Kramer (Jack Lemmon) and Matt Douglas (James Garner) are two former U.S. Presidents who sit on opposite sides of the political fence. Kramer is a stuffy Republican reluctant to part with a dollar, while Douglas is a left-leaning Democrat with an eye for the ladies. Douglas succeeded Kramer in office after a single term, while Douglas, after four years as chief executive, lost to his former running mate William Haney (Dan Aykroyd). When the facts about a bribery scheme in Haney's administration threaten to surface and destroy his reputation, the ruthless president tries to pin the responsibility on Kramer and Douglas -- and when the ex-presidents learn the truth about Haney's dealings, Haney tries to have them killed before they can talk. Kramer and Douglas soon find themselves on the run, disguising themselves as celebrity impersonators, hiding out in the woods with a homeless family, and marching in a Gay Pride parade in an effort to stay clear of Haney's goons while they bring the truth to the people. My Fellow Americans also features Lauren Bacall as Kramer's long-suffering wife and John Heard as Haney's intellectually-challenged vice president.

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Unknown said...

You always have good movies to show every TCp lulu bilib ko. ako makalimut mn intawn ko nya piling pelikula ra sd ako tan awon, mostly comedy and dram,lovestory mga chuvachuchu kind.

kamz said...

wow! i never knew there was a movie like this. sounds good to me. very interesting plot and a comedy to boot. will watch this soon for sure!

thanks for the feature and for joining momi lu. next week ulit for an animal film. till then, hugs and happy tcp!

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